Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Six Weeks of Peter

Six weeks already! These are all of the portrait-style photos of little Peter. Mary Clare has been getting photo props and gear, and it's been fun to try it all out with our sweet baby boy!

One week old
(photo set by Mary Clare)

Two weeks old

(next photos by Mary Clare)

3.5 weeks old
an uncooperative photo shoot with big sis

4 weeks old
(about half of these are MC's and half mine)

(Ellie took these last two)

Six weeks
finally clubbing up!

We love our Petey-Boy!

Thursday, January 05, 2017

Happy 14th Birthday, Mary Clare!

Monday was Mary Clare's 14th Birthday! We'd planned to ice skate for Steven's birthday, but decided to postpone that and ended up doing a combined ice skating outing for both of them with some friends on Monday. We all went to lunch at Berryhill and had cupcakes and presents at home that evening. The next day she had her one request, a special lunch with her sister and two girl friends at a hibachi grill! She got some fun gifts from family and friends...a suitcase, a camera charm from James Avery, a ballet calendar, some camera socks, a purse with lots of goodies, and new sunglasses.

14 candles!

Onion volcano

Attempting to catch a rice ball in her mouth!

I can't believe it's been 14 years since I was holding a newborn Mary Clare. I was joking at lunch, as rice fell on Peter's head in my Ergo carrier, about how I also dropped food on Mary Clare's newborn head in my sling, at one of her first outings to Luby's cafeteria! God has blessed us with six wonderful children, but Mary Clare will always have the honor and special memories of being our first. She's a kind, responsible, virtuous young woman, and we look forward to seeing the plans God has in store for her!

Happy Birthday, Mary Clare! We love you so much!

Wednesday, January 04, 2017

Christmas 2016 Memories (and New Year's)

I'll start with the photos of the kids we used for the Christmas card. We decided to do a "Brady Bunch" themed card, with a headshot of each of the kids. It turned out pretty cute!

Mary Clare (almost 14)

Ellie (11)

Steven (9)

Thomas (6)

Katie (2)

And Peter at 2wks (still a little jaundiced!)

I didn't get many photos or write much about our Advent. But it was filled with rest and love and new baby joys. We were the recipients of many Advent acts of charity as others helped us with kids and meals. We didn't do the Jesse Tree readings or even read more than a few Christmas picture books (still hoping to do that this week!), but we did light the Advent wreath candles when we ate dinner together. The kids had a bit of fun blowing out and relighting them, and these images of Tommy and Katie were just too sweet!

Mary Clare taped up the Christmas cards, since we couldn't find the ribbon and mini clothespins we used to make a banner of cards last year!

I spent much of the 22nd and 23rd sewing new stockings. I still need to get them embroidered, and hopefully next year we'll get them hung!

After the baptism, mass, and our party, we had a quiet Christmas Eve night

The kids woke up dark and early!

Baby Jesus was in Katie's stocking, so she was the one to put him in the manger.

Time for presents!

That afternoon, we went to my parents for awhile and even got to Skype with my brother and his family in California. Katie was excited to show them her baby brother and new baby doll!

I didn't get a lot of photos of the afternoon and evening with our families, but I did catch this shot of Steven with his special Corduroy bear from his preschool.

And this is Katie opening her lion (all the grandkids got lions, as a clue that they get to go see the Lion King musical this summer).

A nice evening at the park on the day after Christmas

And the day after that was Pointe Shoe Day for Ellie!!!

A few sweet snapshots of baby Peter...




And a few other memories from the week...

The 4 oldest went with Steven to the beach house on Friday night to hang out with their cousins and celebrate their grandfather's 80th birthday! Happy Birthday, BopBop!

I stayed home loving on my babies

Steven took Steven Joseph duck hunting

And then we hosted a New Year's Eve party!

After Sunday Mass, Steven took the oldest 4 to see the new Star Wars movie (across town using gift cards), so I took the two littlest to a nearby California Pizza Kitchen

And then to Katie's first visit at the American Girl Store! She LOVED it.

We've had some fun memories this Christmas break!

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