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Peter Edward

Peter Edward
Tuesday, November 29, 2016
7 pounds 15 ounces, 19 inches

Peter's Story:

After weeks of thinking he'd come early because of a nuchal cord concern, lots of pre-term contractions, and a history of 37-week labors, we were surprised to make it to 38 1/2 weeks without going into full-blown labor! At my Monday appointment, we agreed it was time to meet our sweet boy, so we scheduled the c-section (my 6th) for Tuesday morning at 8:30am. Monday was filled with lots of preparations at the hospital and at home; it was hard to believe that I was finally going to have a scheduled c-section without going into labor!

We arrived at the hospital at 7:00am and went up to the room where I'd spend my pre-op and recovery time. I was glad that it was an actual private room this time. I had a nice nurse named Susan who helped me prepare with my IV and all the other "fun" stuff that goes along with preparing for surgery. I had a few contractions during that time, but it was sure nice to not be in hard labor. We watched a bit of "Fixer Upper" which was on all day, but I was starting to get nervous the closer we got to delivery time. We met the anesthesiologist, who looked older and experienced, giving me some peace about that.

Finally my OB Dr. R arrived, and it was time to walk down with the nurse to the OR at 8:37am. Oh how I hate going into that sterile room and seeing all the instruments and support that would be needed to deliver this baby! I climbed up onto the operating table and sat down for the spinal. This is the part I dread most of all, and unfortunately the fear was warranted, because he had a very hard time finding the right spot. It was the worst of any of my surgeries, and I have a big bruise and needle marks all over my back! But finally he got it; I was starting to worry that they'd have to put me to sleep!

I was doing my deep breathing and the anesthesiologist offered both an oxygen cannula which I readily accepted, and some kind of essential oil aroma thing that he put on my chest so I could smell something pleasant. After a few minutes, everything else got started and Steven came in. Before I knew it they were saying "lots of pressure" and were pulling out the baby! Sure enough his cord was around his neck, but he let out some big cries and had Apgars of 8 and 9. I got to see him for a bit...oh how that always makes me cry to see these babies up close and know they are okay. They sang "Happy Birthday" to the baby (who didn't have a name yet), and then he and Steven went off to recovery.

I actually wasn't too panicked during the remainder of the surgery like I usually am. I think he may have given me something for the anxiety. It all seemed so quick. I think the whole thing was less than 45 minutes. I am always just so grateful when it's over and I can snuggle and nurse my new baby! Thanks be to God for a smooth surgery. My doctor said that my uterus and scar tissue were all normal and not like someone who's had 6 c-sections. I've healed very well from each one, and he said I'd be fine to have several more babies! Being that I'm getting close to 40, I don't know how many years of fertility I actually have left, but I am very grateful to know that my body has handled the surgeries well and that we might be able to see the blessing of more children in the future.

I was being wheeled to my regular room around 11:00. It was a nice quiet morning enjoying the new baby. I think Steven went to get the kids around 2pm; they were all so excited to meet their new brother.  My parents came along too, and Veronica and little Miriam came by that evening. Everyone was anxious to know what his name would be. I was not feeling like myself while on so many drugs and did not want to choose a name until I was feeling in my right mind again! Steven and I talked about it that night; it was a long one with a very fussy baby. By the next morning I was ready to commit to Peter Edward.

Peter has long been a name we've considered; it was going to be Steven Joseph's name until a few days before his arrival. Edward was on the list of middle names and was one of the few that neither of us nixed! It was the name of Steven's paternal grandfather. Ellsworth was the name of my maternal grandfather, which I think invokes a similar feeling. Peter of course means "rock" and Edward means "prosperous guardian." I hope this boy will be both of those! His patron saints are of course St. Peter, prince of the Apostles and our first Pope, and St. Edward the Confessor, a holy British king who lived in the early 1000s.  

I spent about two more days in the hospital, actually going home a day earlier than I usually do. This time I was just ready to get home in my own bed. I think they coddle you a little less when it's your 6th baby! But I did enjoy my stay, the all-day-long HGTV shows, the "room service," and some quiet time to rest before going back to the chaos of our home! My friend Jackie and her kids came by the hospital and she also stayed with my kids the first night when Steven was with me. Leanne and my parents watched the kids the day of his arrival. And we've had some visitors and meals this weekend from our other kind friends: Kiley, Lynn, Leanne and family, cousin Mark & Rachel, Josh and kids, and Gordon and MaryKatherine.

This weekend was spent enjoying the baby and decorating for the Advent season! It's going to be so much fun having a new baby during this time of year. This week it's back to school for mom (the kids continued last week while I was gone), but they have their science museum classes tomorrow so I'll get a little break, aside from a trip to see my OB to remove my staples and check my incision. My body is really worn out; I know I need to take things slower. But it's hard when there's a busy household to run. Steven has truly been SuperDad, taking care of everything this past week. I'm not sure how I'm going to survive this week without him! But I know that it'll help if I get some sleep now that the baby is finally out after a few hours of nursing and fussing!

Thanks to all my friends, family, and online acquaintances who've prayed us through his pregnancy and delivery! I hope you all have a blessed Advent season. May God in His goodness continue to shower us with gifts and graces so that we may live out His calling in our lives. And for our family, may we have all we need to care for and form each of these SIX precious souls He has entrusted to us!!! Thanks be to Him for this blessing of new life!

Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It's Baby Day!

Well, it's past midnight and I'm scheduled for an 8:30am delivery of our baby boy in the morning! We really thought he'd be joining us before Thanksgiving, but he had other plans and has been pretty happy inside. I, on the other hand, have been quite uncomfortable with all the contractions and the anxiety of wondering when he was going to arrive. He looked big and ready on the ultrasound this morning (Monday), so my doctor felt comfortable moving things up a few days. I'm incredibly nervous and not sure if I'll sleep tonight, but am grateful for all of the prayers being lifted for me and the baby!

Our holiday week was a fun one, and it was nice that I didn't have to be on bed rest anymore. We hosted my parents and Steven's side of the family (about 28 people) for a Thanksgiving celebration on Friday, so we spent a lot of Wednesday and Thursday preparing. We saw the new Disney movie "Moana" on Thanksgiving Day, and we did a bit of shopping over the past week with fall clothes for the girls and some Christmas crafts. We've yet to get out our Advent and Christmas decorations, but the crew might get a head start on that while I'm in the hospital. We had a few little sniffles, but overall enjoyed the cooler weather, the time without having homeschooling to do, and being able to look forward to the new baby's arrival!

I was disappointed to not deliver last Monday after a long morning of contractions, but was glad to be able to snuggle little Katie when she wasn't feeling well.

Some of the cleaning craziness...wiping the ceiling fans, vacuuming the couches, oh and me at the hospital for one of my non-stress tests.

Mary Clare selfie by the Moana advertisement

Me with the big kids at the movies while Daddy rested at home with Katie

We finally got these little shelves painted (thanks, MC) so we'd have a nice spot for the Chatbooks in the living room. I also rearranged the living room gallery wall and like it much better!

My one phone shot of Thanksgiving as everyone was digging in to the buffet! It was sure yummy! Steven roasted a big turkey and smoked a brisket, Mary Clare did a ton of baking (pie, cookies, rolls), and the family brought the rest!

MC took this shot of us hanging out in the garage since it was such a nice day!

Tommy has now lost his two front teeth, and another lower one today! That makes SIX lost teeth for the 6yr old!

On Saturday we ran some errands and Steven told the kids he'd take them to walk around the mall while I rested in the car with Katie napping. Well, she woke up too quickly, so I had to go in with her. We enjoyed a few minutes at Pottery Barn Kids, and it brought back memories of biking to the mall with toddler Mary Clare to let her play when Ellie was in-the-belly!

And last but not least, I went to the local LifeTeen mass on Sunday night since I wasn't up for going across town with everyone else that morning. I was excited that they were having a healing and anointing service after mass, so I got to receive the sacrament of the Anointing of the Sick. Such a grace. May it give me the strength, courage, and healing I will need in the coming days... 

Sunday, November 20, 2016

My Sunday Best

I'm still here with baby still safely inside! Being that Thomas was born exactly at 37wks and Katie Grace at 37wks + a few days, and with the concerns about his cord, I figured I'd have a baby by now. But he has looked good on the scans and other tests, so they aren't comfortable delivering earlier than need be, and the hospital won't let us schedule before 39wks. So unless there's another complication or I go into labor, we keep waiting...maybe even until December 2nd!

Today I went to mass and lunch nearby with my parents while the rest of the family went to our church across town for mass and a big potluck meal.  I even got a little nap in the quiet house before the crew got back home!  I wore one of the few non-tee shirts that still fit me, with a black maxi skirt and my comfy black Sketchers flats. This belly is really getting big and it's getting harder and harder to move around!

A few other updates...
On Friday we made it out to our homeschool clubs, which was good for me and so nice to visit with friends after a couple weeks of hardly leaving the house. I'm able to do a little more around here and get out of the house too, since we aren't so worried about preterm labor. Here's Katie with the little sisters playing dress-up while the older kids did their virtue lessons, sewing, and sports outside.

Mama and belly in my favorite shirt this pregnancy :)

And another of Katie reading a little book last weekend after Sunday mass...

During my weekly non-stress test at the hospital on Thursday

And the boys at some of their last baseball games. The season is FINALLY over after Steven's play-off game last Monday and Thomas' team party on Wednesday. It was a good season, but I'm glad it's over!

And now we are ready for a restful week week off of school and ballet, and we're ready to meet our little man! We may even host Thanksgiving here on Friday. I was hoping to be recovering back at home with the baby, but I could still be pregnant on Thanksgiving! Hope it's a blessed week for all of you <3 p="">

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